As your family’s premier pediatric dental office, our commitment to extraordinary patient care is far above average, and our patients genuinely love coming to our office. During a child’s journey through our office, we may discover your child needs treatment. We recommend sedation dentistry based on several factors. The goal of sedation dentistry is to provide the safest and most comfortable experience for your child.

How does sedation dentistry work?

Sedation dentistry is the use of medications to help the patient relax during a dental procedure. We offer different types of sedation, based on your child’s unique treatment needs, developmental level, dental attitude and temperament.

Nitrous Oxide is also commonly referred to as laughing gas and is a very safe, mild sedative. Your child is given a nose mask and instructed to breathe in through their nose, breathing in a combination of oxygen and nitrous, your child will experience a “happy” and relaxed feeling.

Oral Sedatives or conscious sedation are a combination of medications based on your little one’s height and weight. Medication is administered one hour before your child’s scheduled treatment. Oral sedatives will minimize anxiety and help your child to relax throughout the procedure. Most toddlers, young children, or children with cooperation issues receive care with conscious oral sedation.

IV Sedation (general anesthesia) is for patients who require a large amount of treatment, children with special needs, or other reasons that make them unable to receive treatment while awake. Your child will be under the care of your provider and a specially trained dental anesthesiologist who will administer intravenous medications to your child. The anesthesiologist will carefully monitor heart rate, heart rhythm, blood pressure and oxygen saturation (breathing) while your child is receiving treatment from their dentist.

Treatment day

If your child needs treatment, one of our administration team members will go over all of the pretreatment instructions, such as eating and drinking restrictions and arrival times. If your child is receiving nitrous oxide or oral sedatives on the day of your treatment, one of our compassionate dental assistants will work with your child, take their blood pressure and vitals, and begin the administration of medication.

IV patients will have two parents present at the procedure. Before the treatment begins, our dental anesthesiologist will sit down with you and discuss what to expect. He will review medical history, take vitals and begin giving the medication. During the procedure, you will be asked to wait in the library and will receive updates throughout treatment. After the treatment is finished and your child is awake, we will call you back to review post-op instructions, and have you carry or use a wheelchair to take your child to the car.

Providing sedation dentistry to your child in the comfort of our office places your child in a familiar atmosphere before treatment which lowers anxiety levels for both the child and their parents. As your pediatric dental home, we work efficiently to ensure we are providing the safest and most comfortable option for your child’s unique dental needs. Our carefully trained team of dental professionals will work diligently with your child to minimize anxiety and give them a great experience.

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If your child requires sedation dentistry, call our office today and speak with one of our team members. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or schedule an in-person consultation.

Healthy Smile, Healthy Child

Of course, a beautiful smile begins with a healthy smile. Our team will help your child achieve good oral hygiene through regular cleanings and one on one education. Your little one will receive an oral hygiene score and coaching each time they visit us for a cleaning, cultivating a sense of responsibility and accomplishment while also building their confidence each time they improve their score. Don’t forget, a clean mouth promotes total body health and wellness too! This is why our doctors will screen for airway issues, talk about nutrition, eating habits, and much more. We want our patients to be empowered in the knowledge we provide to them on the health of their facial complex and how it relates to their overall systemic health. We are excited to partner with you throughout your child’s pediatric dental journey into orthodontics, and beyond!

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