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Behind the Scenes at myKIDSdds

Our team at myKIDSdds is on a mission to educate our clients, encouraging them to make well-informed decisions about their oral health. Stay tuned for tips and news about orthodontics & dentistry.


Welcome Dr. Neema Dad!!

Dear Friends and Family, We are very excited to share some great news with you! Beginning in January 2021 we are welcoming Dr. Neema Dad to our pediatric dental team! We want to thank you for your continued trust and support, which over the years has helped our practice and team grow. We have had our eye on Dr. Dad…
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January 13, 2021

Fun Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is often celebrated with an increase in candy and sweet treats that can have a real impact on your children’s health. Increased time at home due to holidays or quarantine has most of us snacking more often as well. Some of you might be traveling and having more late nights. We would like to suggest some fun…
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December 18, 2020

We Have An Incredible Team!

One of the most important aspects of any endeavor, but especially a dental practice, is the team. A strong team will perform head and shoulders above a group with just one or two star players and weak support members. You can see this at work in all kinds of ways from college basketball teams to military units in battle. If…
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May 8, 2020

myKIDSdds Protection Protocols

Hi myKIDSdds family! We have been working diligently to ensure you and your family stay safe and healthy during your visit to our office. We have been monitoring all the infectious control guidelines provided by the AAPD, ADA, CDC, and OSHA and have implemented a number of different protocols to protect you from the transmission of COVID-19 while at myKIDSdds.…
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May 1, 2020

Orthodontics For All

We want to create the healthiest smile possible for you and your children, which also means combining both dentistry and orthodontics. And we have experts on both sides that can do exactly that! Parents love it because they can bring their kids in for routine cleaning but also get a quick check from an orthodontist.  This saves time for busy…
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May 1, 2020

Oral-Systemic Health and Advanced Technology

The mouth matters. But many parents don’t know that the health of the child’s mouth is about more than just preventing cavities. A lot of people think that a cavity in the mouth only affects the tooth. But the reality is, the mouth is connected to the rest of the body, and there is an oral and systemic health connection.…
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May 1, 2020

Building A Lifetime Of Beautiful Smiles

At myKIDSdds, our goal is to be the premier pediatric dental provider in Dallas, Texas. When you visit our practice, you can expect your child to receive the highest quality dental care in an award-winning office, specifically designed to reduce anxiety and a team dedicated to showing your kiddo just how much fun dentistry can be!

Voted Best In Dallas

We’re proud to be rated the #1 Dentist in Dallas since 2013! It’s an honor to know the Dallas community trusts us for quality dental and orthodontic care! Thank you!


Dentistry for Kids – Orthodontics for All

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