What is PerioSciences?

September 16th, 2019

You work hard to provide your children with healthy food, a safe home to live in, and the best education available. Therefore, it makes sense that you would care about the ingredients that are used in products your family uses daily, beginning with the most common routine of oral hygiene.

Most store-bought dental products contain harsh chemicals like alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to bring about the results we are looking for. Though relatively successful, it is exciting to have plant-based options, like those from PerioSciences, that enhance natural aids rather than diminish them.

How PerioScience Was Developed

What is PerioSciences? Simply put, PerioSciences research is the long journey towards finding natural solutions to dental care concerns and maintenance. Historically, botanical studies have been well-funded for haircare and skincare industries, bringing about a wealth of new understandings for how we take care of ourselves.

Up until now, oral hygiene has lagged in sifting through nature’s bounty for healthful ingredients and has not experienced the same holistic boost of beauty care. With a purposeful shift in focus, PerioSciences is changing this by going away from the traditional study of bacteria and researching nature answers to reducing and eliminating bacterial complications instead.

What is the Purpose of PerioSciences

Our bodies are able to handle all manners of infectious agents, and these systems work at optimal performance if they are properly supported and nurtured. PerioSciences looks to how our physiology works, such as saliva, and creates healthcare products that work to bolster saliva’s antioxidant nature.

Rather than developing further mechanisms to fight bacteria through the use of ingredients that inhibit our physiological functions, PerioSciences is committed to finding ways to help your body do what it does best.

How PerioSciences Can Benefit Your Family

As a leading pediatric dentist in Dallas, myKIDSdds has always believed in promoting the total health of your family, with an expert understanding of how oral health fits into that picture. Therefore, the exciting research of PerioSciences makes it an ideal partner to the dedication our experts have to help your children feel their best.
Through natural, plant-based science, your family can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Help for Sensitive Teeth – Extracts from soothing botanicals are blended with naturally found antioxidants to help sensitive tissues of the mouth.
    Solutions to Brighten Smiles – Support a bright, white smile with gentle whitening agents blended with natural agents that stimulate saliva production.
  • Relief From Dryness Issues – Creating a balanced moisture level in the mouth keeps harmful bacteria at bay through a combination of zinc and antioxidants.
  • Natural Products for General Care  – Take daily wellness routines to another level of health with an entire line of natural products for everyday care.

Whether it is in gel form, a gentle rinse or paste, PerioSciences has developed the right tool for the job in a naturally sourced manner.

The Future is Now

It has not always been easy to find wholesome solutions to our family’s self-care regimen, but that concern is quickly disappearing into the past. In a short period of time, we have all seen the grocery aisles fill up with affordable food made from healthier ingredients that also support oral health.

Though natural sciences continue to push forward in the realm of oral healthcare, there are amazing developments already available to the general public. No one needs to wait for the future, as it has already arrived, waiting for you to take advantage of it.

Getting the Answers You Need

This is an exciting time in family dentistry in Dallas, and myKIDSdds is always on hand to help you navigate the oral health and hygiene practices of your family.

For more information on PerioSciences and how to begin the best dental healthcare process for your family’s needs, contact the professionals at myKIDSdds today for bright smiles tomorrow and beyond.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/Bulin