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Our team is what makes myKIDSdds so special. They’re highly-skilled, energetic, and so much fun!

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Each of our team members is passionate about providing you with an excellent experience and a beautiful smile. 

- Meet Our Team


Practice Resource Coordinator

I have been in dentistry for over 20 years. I grew up in Garland, Texas. Growing up I played soccer for Sting throughout high school and then went on to play soccer in college.

Here at myKIDSdds I am the PRC. What makes myKIDSdds so different is that our doctors treat each patient as if they were their own child and care deeply about not just their dental health but also their overall health. We are continuously focused on furthering our patient’s health education and looking for opportunities for growth and development for each of us as well.

When I’m not in the office I’m usually at home, it is my sanctuary. You can find me spending time gardening, cooking, watching sports and spending time with family in the outdoors.

My nametag is a chocolate brown Dachshund in honor of Hershey. He was my first “child” and will always have a special place in my heart.

- Meet Our Team


Patient Care Specialist

I was born and raised in Dallas where I graduated from high school for Health Professions.

I have three wonderful children and three adorable grandsons.

Something unique to myKIDSdds is the loving and fun atmosphere for children where relationships are built with each child.

On my days off you can find me spending time with my family and enjoying the outdoors.

My name tag is Elmo, he is my grandsons favorite character!

- Meet Our Team


Patient Care Specialist

I am a Dallas native who married my high school sweetheart, Sid. We currently live outside of Wylie, Texas with our two children, Jacob and Hazel, two dogs, six chickens and a tortoise.

The myKIDSdds team is a great supportive family that shares a common goal to educate and improve the lives of all patients.

When I am not a work you can find me in my garden and flowerbeds or barbecuing with my family and friends. I also love cooking, traveling and reading.

My name tag is a dragonfly on a yellow background symbolizing my love for gardening and the color yellow. One patient asked me if I chose a dragonfly to match all the dragonfly pictures in the office!

- Meet Our Team


Patient Care Specialist

A little about myself; I’m from Arlington, TX born and raised. Graduated from SFA with a degree in Health Science and minor in Psychology. My family is my biggest support system. I enjoy traveling, being with friends, and working out.

MyKIDSdds is different from anywhere I’ve worked in a few ways. The team here is extremely supportive and welcoming, both to each other and to the patients and families we serve.

During my days off I am usually sleeping in, having a lazy day, or out and about with friends/family.

My nametag is in the shape of the Dallas Cowboys Star because that is my favorite NFL team.

- Meet Our Team


Patient Care Specialist

I am from Dallas, Texas and have a little pug named Phoebe. We also call her Piggy because she acts like a little Piglet and is very funny!

I love working at myKIDsdds because everyone has a great time here – children never want to leave!

I love to cook, garden and create beautiful flower arrangements. I also love traveling and camping in my trailer!

My name tag has flowers on it because flowers make people smile!

- Meet Our Team


Patient Care Specialist

I’m a native Texan, born in Dallas and raised in Garland. I have worked in dentistry for over 25 years, most of those spent working in Orthodontics, making myKIDSdds a great fit.

What I love about myKIDSdds is the relationships that are formed with patients, parents and among the team. The care that goes into each child’s visit is amazing.

When not at work I love spending my time gardening, scrap booking and shopping. I also enjoy traveling with my husband of almost 30 years.

My name tag is a sunflower because it is my favorite flower and always makes me smile.

- Meet Our Team


Patient Care Specialist

I grew up in the Lake Highlands area, attending White Rock Elementary, Lake Highlands Jr. High and Lake Highlands High School. I then went to Texas Christian University, Go Frogs!

I have one daughter, Vi, who attends Ursuline Academy of Dallas and two Golden Retrievers, Lexi and Powell.

What I love about working at myKidsDDS is that I get to work with a group of people who are not only professional but who also have huge hearts. I also love that I have the opportunity to build long-term relationships with the team, parents and patients here at myKIDS. Being able to give quality patient care and stellar customer service is such a blessing.

When I am not at work you can find me spending time with my daughter and two furry children. We love traveling and spending time with our wonderful friends.

My nametag has both my dogs, ready to dive into some of my favorite treats!

- Meet Our Team

Sue L.

Patient Care Specialist

I grew up in a small rural Wisconsin town and while visiting Dallas 25 years ago for a summer, I decided to stay. I love the warm Texas weather.

What I enjoy about working at myKIDSdds is the friendly, caring, and thoughtful people. The doctors and team are dedicated daily to ensure each patient has an exceptional experience.

In my spare time I enjoy relaxing at home, shopping, exercising, cooking and traveling to see family.

My name tag is the sun because it is warm and bright, which makes me happy. Each new day starts with the sun rising, which is a blessing!!

- Meet Our Team

Amanda R.

Marketing & Public Relations

I moved from Shreveport, Louisiana to Dallas in 2016 and have loved every minute of living in the great state of Texas. I graduated from Louisiana Tech in Ruston with a Bachelors in Communications Design.

My favorite aspect of working at myKIDSdds is the amazing team. Let's just say they make my job easier. Marketing a team this dedicated to quality patient care is a dream. They operate on love and integrity and whole-heartedly want what is best for the patient. Who wouldn't want to tell the world about them? I know I do.

I love spending time with my husband, our princess of a Schnauzer; Lola and our incredibly sweet Golden; Maverick. Most weekends you can find us outside playing with our dogs, hanging out with friends and family or enjoying live music somewhere.

Lola, with her pink bow collar is represented on my name tag, she is simply the best and always brightens my day! (PSA: This was created pre-Maverick)

- Meet Our Team


Registered Dental Hygienist

I am a native Dallasite and met my husband on the tennis courts of Baylor University. Our favorite/only daughter is a graduate of UT and has created her home in Austin.

My favorite aspect of working at myKIDSdds is the freedom to focus on relationship building. This supports me in taking time to get to know you and your child to meet your unique needs with an experience that is both positive and fun!

I also have a special interest in nutrition and fitness, therefore I am passionate about children’s overall health.”Walking the talk,” on my days off you will most likely find me in a yoga class, cycling or running around White Rock Lake… and eating a lot of salad!

My nametag is a hot air balloon to remind me to reach for the stars!

- Meet Our Team


Registered Dental Hygienist

I am a Dallas native raised in Lake Highlands, and I graduated from dental hygiene school in 2001.

I have worked for MyKidsDDS for the majority of my dental hygiene career because it feels like home. I love that everyone is positive and strives to make sure each child gets the quality care and attention he or she deserves.

Two things I love to do are travel and build things. Many of the desktop pictures you see in our consult rooms are from one of my vacations. I spent three years living in the Dominican Republic doing volunteer ministry work. So if you speak Spanish, please help me practice! Now that I’m home and residing in Richardson, I spend my free time doing projects around my house.

I chose a Dr. Pepper can as my name tag. No explanation necessary there!

- Meet Our Team

Amanda W.

Registered Dental Hygienist

My name is Amanda. I grew up in Garland, Texas but now live in Melissa. I have a wonderful husband, David and 3 grown boys, Ryan, Chris and Brig. Ryan lives in Florida and works for Disney World. Chris lives in McKinney and operates a Pepperidge Farm Cookie and Cracker route. Brig attends the University of Arkansas and participates in the Army ROTC. Upon graduation, he will be commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant.

I have worked in the dental field for over 30 years, first as an orthodontic assistant then later I received my degree in Dental Hygiene from Texas Woman’s University.

myKIDSdds makes each child feel welcomed and special, as if they were working on their own child. I am amazed at the compassion each staff member has for each patient on a daily basis.

I like to watch sitcoms, cross-stitch and I’m just getting into road cycling with my husband.

There is actually a funny story behind my chocolate cake name tag, so ask me when you come in. I like sweets, especially cake, cookies and brownies but I always remember to brush my teeth after I eat them.

- Meet Our Team


Registered Dental Hygienist

Born and raised in the Dallas area, I love warm summer nights and long walks in the park.

My husband, Derek, and I have one son (Declan) who is our pride and joy. Our little guy fills our lives with so much fun and laughter! I feel truly blessed to be his mom.

myKIDSdds has created such a wonderful environment in which I get to do what I love! The intentionality and care I see in each of my teammates makes me feel proud to call this home. They are truly dedicated to empowering children to take ownership of their health!

Since graduating from hygiene school, I have enjoyed how much my profession challenges me to continue learning and growing. With that said, I would have to say that my best and favorite teachers are my patients. I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one!

I chose Ariel and Flounder for my name tag because I love The Little Mermaid!

- Meet Our Team


Registered Dental Assistant

I’m from the small town of Sulphur Springs and moved to the BIG Dallas area to find a home at myKIDSdds. I married the man of my dreams; he is so supportive and encouraging in life. We have two beautiful girls!

The supportiveness, close-knit family, and excitement from everyone I work with sets myKIDSdds apart from other practices. Everyone is so kind, and always looking out for the best interests of each other and our patients.

When I have some downtime I’m usually out with my family, or by the pool relaxin’.

My nametag is Olaf, from Frozen. It’s a great talking point, what child hasn’t seen Frozen, or didn’t love it? And Olaf is my favorite character from the movie, his sense of humor and loving nature are great.

- Meet Our Team

Amanda K.

Registered Dental Assistant

I am from Dallas, TX and I have the cutest cat in the world named Apricot.

I feel that myKIDSdds is unique from any other dental office because of the family-like relationship we have with our team and our patients. We have a genuine love for our patients and their health.

I enjoy training my cat to be an adventure kitty and exploring new places in Dallas with my boyfriend, Michael. Some of my hobbies include acrylic painting and working out.

My name tag is Simba because The Lion King is my favorite cartoon movie. I love animals and have a heart for Africa since taking mission trips there with my family.

- Meet Our Team


Registered Dental Assistant

I was Born in Texas but raised in California where I attended Dental Assisting School.

I have been a Dental Assistant for six years now and am loving it! I have three amazing children, a wonderful husband and a precious dog, Jazmine.

I really enjoy working here at myKIDSdds with this family of fun-loving staff. We all strive to give great support and care to each one of our patients and their families.

I love to read, sing and dance any chance I get, they are such fun past times to get lost in.

I chose Wonder Woman for my name tag because she can do it all.

- Meet Our Team

Kelsey M.

Patient Care Specialist and Blog Contributor

Hi my name is Kelsey! I was born in Charlotte North Carolina and moved to Dallas when I was nine years old because my dad relocated for work.

My favorite thing about myKIDSdds is the close-knit loving family environment! I love that our office thrives on building lasting relationships with one another, as well as, our amazing patients!

In my free time I enjoy learning more about God through church, serving in ministry, and of course spending time cultivating a stronger relationship with my precious son, Lincoln. I also love to freelance write! Writing brings me a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. I’ve written a number of our office blog posts, so if you’re looking for an educational escape definitely take a look.

My name tag has sheep on it. I chose sheep because of a parable in the Bible commonly known as the lost sheep parable! It is a beautiful picture of how God will leave the 99 and chases after the lost to show them their value. It shows he loves us no matter how far off course we may wonder!

- Meet Our Team

Karla L.

Patient Care Specialist

My name is Karla. I was born in Brownsville, Texas but my family and I moved to Dallas when I was 13. We have really enjoyed the city and the great friends we have made here!

My favorite thing about myKIDSdds is how friendly and supportive the doctors and staff are to one another. Everyone works hard to make the patients and their families happy.

In my free time I like to relax. I enjoy being home with my family and our pets. I love to organize, so I am always looking for new things to move around the house. I also enjoy watching movies and going out for a good run.

- Meet Our Team


Orthodontic Clinical Coordinator & Registered Dental Assistant

My name is Natasha and I live in DeSoto with my family. We love to cook and discover new recipes.

I think what makes this place so special, is the care and kindness given to the patients. We strive to make this a comfortable, loving environment.

When I’m not at work I am usually enjoying some sort of outdoor activity, either Salsa in the Park, Movie in the Park, a food festival, or trying a new restaurant in Dallas.

My name tag is in the shape of musical notes and it’s purple, as I am always looking for a new band or concert to go and you can usually find me bobbing my head to a song playing in the orthodontic department. Oh, and purple is my favorite color!

- Meet Our Team


Patient Care Specialist

My name is Kelsie. I am from Knoxville, Tennessee. My husband’s name is Luke, and we have a Corgi whose name is Folly.

At myKIDSdds we focus on building great relationships and educating children on their overall health. With proper care, our patients can learn at an early age to make good choices that can last a lifetime.

In my spare time, you can find me spending time with my friends and family. I enjoy traveling and exploring new places, shopping, and reading fiction novels.

My name tag is my Corgi, Folly. I chose her because she is always happy and always smiling.

- Meet Our Team


Orthodontic Assistant

My name is Brandi. I am from Flower Mound, TX and went to college in Oklahoma. BOOMER SOONER! I currently live in Dallas with my Husband, Jarrod and our German Shepherd, Pepper.

I’ve been working as an orthodontic assistant for over six years, and I love every second of it! Having such a great experience when I was in braces as a kid is what made me want to work in orthodontics. I hope to give my patients the same great experience!

When I’m not working, you can find me boxing at the gym or spending time with my family and friends.

My name tag is one of the minions from the Despicable Me movies because I love to make people laugh and I can’t think of anybody who doesn’t think those little yellow guys are hilarious.

- Meet Our Team


Orthodontic Assistant

My name is Megan. I live in Sachse, Texas with my boyfriend, Juan.

I love working at myKIDSdds and having the opportunity to help create beautiful smiles.

In my free time, I enjoy trying new seafood places. Crawfish are my FAVORITE! I also love going to the movies and game night with my friends.

My name tag is an elephant because it’s my favorite animal.

- Meet Our Team

Sham M.

Orthodontic Assistant

My name is Shambricka. But you can call me "Sham"! I am originally from Dallas; I went to Lake Highlands HS. I live with my Fiancé, Victor, and have been in the Dental field for 7 years.

My favorite thing about working at myKIDSdds is that there is always something new to learn. I also love playing a role in helping patients create a more beautiful smile.

In my free time I love hanging out with my family and friends, going out to eat and to an arcade is my idea of a fun outing but my all-time favorite thing to do is to go to the movies.

- Meet Our Team


Tooth Fairy

- Meet Our Team

We are committed to creating a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding experience– every time.

Our tight-knit team was carefully selected for their talents, awesome personalities, and their values. We are all genuinely passionate about supporting the health and happiness of all of our patients.

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