It’s an exciting time as we kick off a new year, a new decade! As your premier pediatric dentist and orthodontist, we are enthusiastic about 2020 being a year of transformation. We look forward to giving your child a smile that will last not only through this decade, but an entire lifetime. Why wait any longer! Our experienced and loving team of dental professionals is eager to begin your child’s unique smile makeover that will give them the confidence booster they have been hoping for!

Smile Makeover = Confidence Take over!

We excel in creating beautiful smiles. Our elite team of doctors will carefully select the best treatment for your child. Whether they are a good candidate for Invisalign clear trays or wire braces, the end result is the same, perfectly straight teeth and a confident, radiant smile. We will provide the most precise and attentive care throughout your child’s journey in our office, treating them as we would our own family. At your next visit, ask to look at our wall dedicated to the smiles created here at myKIDSdds through top-of-the-line orthodontic treatment.

Seize The Moment.

Are you an adult unhappy with your smile and desiring perfectly aligned teeth? No problem! It is never too late, so schedule an adult orthodontic consult with Dr. Glenn Cohen today. There is no time like the present to start your family on track of confident, healthy smiles. Our office loves working with entire families who are excited to schedule orthodontic consults for both you and your child on the same day! Since our office has an amazing pediatric dental team, we can also schedule regular cleanings throughout their orthodontic journey on the same day. This not only lowers the number of dental visits; it also allows collaboration between our pediatric dentists and orthodontists, saving you time and money!

Healthy Smile, Healthy Child.

Of course, a beautiful smile begins with a healthy smile. Our team will help your child achieve good oral hygiene through regular cleanings and one on one education. Your little one will receive an oral hygiene score and coaching each time they visit us for a cleaning, cultivating a sense of responsibility and accomplishment while also building their confidence each time they improve their score. Don’t forget, a clean mouth promotes total body health and wellness too! This is why our doctors will screen for airway issues, talk about nutrition, eating habits, and much more. We want our patients to be empowered in the knowledge we provide to them on the health of their facial complex and how it relates to their overall systemic health. We are excited to partner with you throughout your child’s pediatric dental journey into orthodontics, and beyond!

We Are Honored to Be Your Trusted Dental Home

Check out the whitening kit products we offer with a wear time of just 30-60 minutes a day and whiter teeth in only 5-10 days. What better way to complete your total teeth makeover than with a brighter, whiter smile! Schedule an appointment in our office by calling now! Our team is looking forward to working with you and your child to provide excellent, metamorphic results. Don’t delay, a customized beautiful smile awaits!

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