The holiday season is often celebrated with an increase in candy and sweet treats that can have a real impact on your children’s health. Increased time at home due to holidays or quarantine has most of us snacking more often as well. Some of you might be traveling and having more late nights. We would like to suggest some fun gift ideas small enough for a stocking but subtle for any time or celebration.

New Toothbrushes

It is suggested by the American Dental Association that toothbrushes are to be replaced every 3 months. So Stock Up on their favorite colors or character brushes. A battery operated toothbrush is a fun alternative to those 4 years and older. I especially like the Crayola brand because of its small size brush head. As they become independent brushers they might enjoy a rechargeable toothbrush for a bit more power for those new adult teeth.

Fun Floss

Flossing, especially after children eat gummies, is the most preventive thing you can do for your child to avoid cavities. The Crayola + GUM Floss pics are colorful and grape flavored to help them enjoy flossing. Parents should be in charge of flossing until the child is dextrous enough to floss their molars at about age 8. Reach Flossers are on a long handle and a great choice as soon as the child has 6 year molars making it more difficult to get to the back of their mouth. We carry both of these options in office or you can find them on Amazon or at Target. CoCofloss is another great product that comes in delicious flavors for teens and adults! It can be found on the CoCofloss website or at Sephora.

Sugarless Gum

After toddler years, gum can actually be a way to stimulate saliva, diluting cavity causing acids in their mouth. Even better is a Xylitol gum such as Spry or Ice Breaker Ice Cubes as Xylitol minimizes cavity causing bacteria from attaching to teeth.

Non-Chewy Candies

The greatest impact of candy is the time it spends contacting the teeth…think stick and stay. Chocolate and ice cream melt, so are the preferred although still have the impact of sugar on their health. An alternative is xylitol candies. Dr. John’s Products (  are great, especially if your child likes Lollipops. Zollipops is another brand that is delicious. A tin of Ice Chips also come in many fun flavors. I have seen these at Whole Foods, Sprouts and Central Market. Just be aware a few pieces a day are beneficial, but in large quantities (like the entire tin in one sitting) might create a tummy ache.

Other Fun Gifts

When your child is becoming more independent in their oral health care, a lighted mirror to see well when brushing and especially flossing can be a great addition to your child’s wall. Pottery Barn has cute options for lighted mirrors and there are a number of different shatterproof non-lit options on Etsy that you can hang lower on the wall making it easier for your kiddos to see. You might be surprised how difficult it is to use the standard bathroom mirror when learning.

Another idea is to use small toys as gifts versus candy. Small cars and puzzles, customized name crayons from Etsy, colored pencils, hair ties, or all natural bath products by PACHA Soap Company are all items they will love.

These are certainly challenging times so let’s keep those healthy routines going!!

Healthy Smile, Healthy Child

Of course, a beautiful smile begins with a healthy smile. Our team will help your child achieve good oral hygiene through regular cleanings and one on one education. Your little one will receive an oral hygiene score and coaching each time they visit us for a cleaning, cultivating a sense of responsibility and accomplishment while also building their confidence each time they improve their score. Don’t forget, a clean mouth promotes total body health and wellness too! This is why our doctors will screen for airway issues, talk about nutrition, eating habits, and much more. We want our patients to be empowered in the knowledge we provide to them on the health of their facial complex and how it relates to their overall systemic health. We are excited to partner with you throughout your child’s pediatric dental journey into orthodontics, and beyond!

- Fun Holiday Gift Ideas
- Fun Holiday Gift Ideas

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Check out the whitening kit products we offer with a wear time of just 30-60 minutes a day and whiter teeth in only 5-10 days. What better way to complete your total teeth makeover than with a brighter, whiter smile! Schedule an appointment in our office by calling now! Our team is looking forward to working with you and your child to provide excellent, metamorphic results. Don’t delay, a customized beautiful smile awaits!

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