Children and teens looking to straighten their teeth have more options now than ever before. There have been significant advances made with metal braces, making them more effective and more comfortable. Additionally, Invisalign has been introduced as an alternative to metal braces, giving you the option to remove them for significant events.

Look and Feel

Metal braces are made up of a series of metal brackets that are affixed to the teeth and held together by wire. This wire is progressively tightened over time, straightening your teeth to the correct alignment. Metal braces aren’t clear, but you have the option to choose a bracket color that matches your enamel or choose a color that pops.

Invisalign is designed to be invisible. Molds are made of your mouth and then customized trays are developed to adjust your teeth’s alignment. These trays are made from clear plastic, maintaining the invisible look. They are worn over your teeth, gently moving them into place.

Fit and Function

Metal braces are not removable but are easy and comfortable to wear. Teens who choose metal braces do not have to worry about losing them or placing them back in after meals.
The Invisalign system is removable and comfortable. Most teens find Invisalign more appealing since they can remove the appliance for day-to-day meals and significant events.


Metal braces have a reputation for being hard to maintain, but this misconception is quickly fading. Modern braces are fairly easy to keep clean, not interrupting your cleaning routine whatsoever. There are a few food restrictions your teens will have to be mindful of, but most teens adjust quickly.

Invisalign does not impact your teen’s cleaning routine, but it’s vital that they rinse each tray with lukewarm water before and after eating and drinking. Food restrictions do not apply to this appliance.

Dental Visits

With both metal braces and the Invisalign system, you should regularly schedule and attend follow-up appointments with your dentist. At myKIDSdds, we typically schedule appointments for every four to six weeks, giving us time to evaluate and plan for each adjustment. Those with metal braces can expect to have the wire tightened during these visits, leading to better alignment. If you opted for the Invisalign system, you can expect to go home with a few new trays, as you need to change the one you are using every two weeks.

- Comparing Invisalign & Metal Braces
- Comparing Invisalign & Metal Braces

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If you are considering Invisalign or metal braces for your teen, contact myKIDSdds directly. Our dentists and orthodontists will help you determine what type of alignment option is best for your teen.

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