The impact of orthodontics on overall health and wellness may come as a surprise. Proper functionality of the mouth is paramount, and a knowledgeable orthodontist can help you determine which treatment option is best for you. At myKIDSdds, our orthodontic team excels in treating and educating patients, which helps them achieve their desired treatment plan outcome. Our orthodontists are exceptional at treating children, but what you may not know is Dr. Glenn Cohen is also an expert at treating orthodontic issues in adults. As a six-time winner of Dallas Magazine’s Best of D in Orthodontics, Dr. Cohen is committed to providing adult patients with straighter teeth, which not only leads to a healthier smile overall but also contributes to boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Types of Treatment

There are many types of adult braces. Dr. Cohen will recommend the best option based on your unique orthodontic needs.

Traditional Braces

These are metal brackets placed on the teeth by adhesive and connected by a metal wire. Traditional metal braces require periodic tightening; the pressure allows the teeth to move gradually into proper placement.

Clear or Ceramic Braces

These are less visible and have the same benefits of metal brackets; however, clear brackets are more fragile than their metal counterpart, making them more likely to break or fracture. We have found that they are a wonderful option for patients who want the subtlety of clear braces but aren’t candidates for Invisalign. 

Lingual Braces

Like traditional braces, lingual braces correct more severely misaligned teeth, and treatment consists of brackets, wires and elastic bands. However, the placement of lingual braces is unique. Brackets are mounted on the inside (tongue side) of the teeth and connected by a wire. The pressure from routine tightening guides the teeth into alignment. Because their placement makes them visually undetectable, patients who are uncomfortable with the aesthetics of traditional braces will love using lingual braces to straighten teeth and promote optimal function of the jaw.


These clear aligners wear like retainers. Invisalign patients receive a series of aligner trays and are instructed to change trays approximately every two weeks throughout treatment to continue gradually shifting teeth. Dr. Cohen assesses progress about every six to eight weeks and dispenses the next batch of trays. These convenient removable aligners allow normal eating and brushing.

One of the biggest questions on anyone’s mind, when they walk in, is, “how much is this going to cost?” It is a very important consideration and we understand; We’re parents too! That’s why we offer in-house financing with no interest.  We know people come from different places financially and may not be able to pay for the treatment all at once.  At your first appointment you will sit down with our financial coordinator and we get a plan that suits your needs.   

Because financing options are in-house, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of middle-men or strange phone calls with people you don’t know.  You will always be dealing with us! That relationship matters a ton to us. We want to make sure the financing, and flexibility don’t get in the way.

What You Need to Know About Treatment

It is essential to learn about the benefits of each treatment option in order to determine which is best for your specific needs. Dr. Cohen and our friendly orthodontic coordinator will talk with you about your goals and preferences, review your medical history, take photos and develop a custom treatment plan. Orthodontic treatment for adults can range anywhere from 12 months for Invisalign and up to three years for braces. To achieve the fastest most desirable results, you will need to attend all of your scheduled appointments and follow all of the doctor’s recommendations.

Cost of Treatment

We are proud to offer you a variety of treatment options. The cost of orthodontic treatment varies based on your individual treatment needs. We provide complimentary orthodontic consults, which allows you the opportunity to discuss your orthodontic needs with Dr. Cohen and speak with our financial coordinator about pricing. We understand that the cost of orthodontics can seem like a lot, but don’t let the idea of a high price stop you from finding out what your options are, you may be surprised! We even offer customized payment plans to fit your unique financial ability.

Orthodontics for ALL

Dr. Cohen says it best, orthodontic care is essential for all ages because properly aligned teeth promote total body health! Our dedicated team of orthodontic professionals is here to give you a smile makeover to last a lifetime. We look forward to educating you on the available options, cost, and discussing your treatment management.

If you are an adult considering braces, don’t hesitate, call our office today to schedule your free orthodontic assessment. Our elite team provides unmatchable pediatric dental care and orthodontics for ALL! We are confident in our ability to transform your smile through the power of our exceptional orthodontic care.

Healthy Smile, Healthy Child

Of course, a beautiful smile begins with a healthy smile. Our team will help your child achieve good oral hygiene through regular cleanings and one on one education. Your little one will receive an oral hygiene score and coaching each time they visit us for a cleaning, cultivating a sense of responsibility and accomplishment while also building their confidence each time they improve their score. Don’t forget, a clean mouth promotes total body health and wellness too! This is why our doctors will screen for airway issues, talk about nutrition, eating habits, and much more. We want our patients to be empowered in the knowledge we provide to them on the health of their facial complex and how it relates to their overall systemic health. We are excited to partner with you throughout your child’s pediatric dental journey into orthodontics, and beyond!

- Types, Treatments and Options for Adult Braces
- Types, Treatments and Options for Adult Braces

We Are Honored to Be Your Trusted Dental Home

Check out the whitening kit products we offer with a wear time of just 30-60 minutes a day and whiter teeth in only 5-10 days. What better way to complete your total teeth makeover than with a brighter, whiter smile! Schedule an appointment in our office by calling now! Our team is looking forward to working with you and your child to provide excellent, metamorphic results. Don’t delay, a customized beautiful smile awaits!

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We’re proud to be rated the #1 Dentist in Dallas since 2013! It’s an honor to know the Dallas community trusts us for quality dental and orthodontic care! Thank you!

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