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Metal Braces For Children

Recent advances in dental care have made getting metal braces an entirely different experience than it was ten years ago. Once an uncomfortable procedure, it is now virtually pain-free and incredibly effective. In fact, there are quite a few reasons why you should consider metal braces over other options.

Who Should Get Metal Braces?

Regardless of the severity of your or your child’s orthodontic needs, metal braces could be the perfect choice. They are a reliable, time-tested way to straighten teeth, correct jaw alignment and provide great results. Metal braces allow your orthodontist ultimate control giving them the ability to shift teeth exactly where they need to be, often resulting in shorter treatment time. The level of control offered by metal braces make them a great option for those with a lot of overcrowding.

Benefits of Metal Braces

The benefits of getting metal braces are endless! First off, they’re typically more affordable than other alignment options. Most patients’ treatment time is much shorter, and there is a high success rate for teens with metal braces. Other benefits of metal braces are listed below.

• Affordable
• High success rate
• Shorter treatment time
• Accommodating to other dental appliances
• Easier to clean to maintain better oral hygiene
• Extremely durable
• Freedom of self expression with bands in a number of different color options

Learn more about the advantages of metal braces by contacting myKIDSdds directly.

How Metal Braces Work

Metal braces are made up of small metal brackets attached to each tooth, with a thin wire connecting each one. This wire is then tightened throughout the treatment, gently guiding your teeth to alignment. For many people with orthodontic issues, metal braces can be the perfect solution.

To learn about your options and to see if traditional metal braces are best for you or your child, reach out to our caring team at myKIDSdds. We always put the needs of our patients first. Additionally, our kid-friendly atmosphere helps children and teens feel comfortable at each dental appointment. Give us a call or visit us online today to learn more or to book your appointment.

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