Adult Orthodontics Services

Our orthodontic team is passionate about transforming smiles and not just little smiles, we love to see adults as well!  It’s often surprising to our patient parents when they realize that they too can benefit from the awesome standard of care we offer here at myKIDSdds, but it’s true!

We strive to take exceptional care of your kids’ oral health. Now let us do the same for you.

Streamlined Modern Technology

Many state-of-the-art advances in adult orthodontics weren’t available a decade ago. Gone are the days when tooth alignment was feared. Today, high-tech orthodontic techniques let you achieve your dream smile without getting in the way of your personal style.

Comfortable Orthodontics

If you’re worried that opting to take care of your smile will painful, don’t be.  Modern orthodontia is more comfortable than ever before, and our team will go above and beyond to keep you relaxed and happy.

Invisible Options

Not a fan of rocking colorful braces? That’s not a problem. Here are two orthodontic solutions that are popular with adults who want to let a brilliant smile do the talking instead.

  • Clear Ceramic Braces: By mimicking the natural tone of your teeth, ceramic braces are barely noticeable and highly effective for tooth alignment.
  • Invisalign System: Go completely orthodontics-free during the day. Impress clients at the office or check errands off your to-do list with absolute freedom. With Invisalign, custom-fit trays gently mold your smile while you sleep at night.

Your personality plays a huge role in selecting an alignment option and our goal is to provide orthodontics that will leave you feeling confident all the time.

Accelerated Results

Adult orthodontics are great for creating a beautiful smile but can also play a huge role in correcting bite problems that lead to uneven enamel and jaw pain related to TMJ.  Our modern treatment options and knowledgeable team will create a plan specifically for you that’s both effective and efficient. Giving you great results in a timely manner.

We feel it’s also important to mention that the care you take of your teeth and braces during treatment will play a huge role in how fast you see results.

Professional Care

Before starting any treatment, we take the time to listen to your goals and understand your expectations as well as any fears you may have. We are here to talk with you about your options and are happy to answer all of your questions. We want you to know all aspects of your treatment so you feel comfortable and prepared.

It’s also a goal of ours to make sure every visit is a refreshing experience with a touch of luxury.

Emergency Treatment

Protecting your teeth is a big deal so, if the joys of mom/dad-hood lead to an unexpected accident affecting your orthodontics, we’re on call all 24/7 and are always happy to help.

Share a Brilliant Smile Every Day

As a mom or dad, you go above and beyond for your kids. You deserve to focus on your own happiness and well being too. Parenting is totally compatible with having the smile you’ve always wanted. Get in touch with our friendly team to schedule an appointment for adult ortho in Dallas.


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