Frenectomy Post-Op Instructions

1. It is normal for swelling to occur in the lasered areas. This will usually go down after about a day and a half.

2. The baby can be fussy the afternoon and evening following the procedure and may not nurse as much. This is normal and will subside.

  • You may administer Infant’s TYLENOL if needed.
    • 6-11 lbs – 1.25 ml (1/4 tsp)
    • 12-17 lbs – 2.5 ml (1/2 tsp)
  • You may also freeze a thin layer of breast milk, break off a small piece, and place it on the wound.

3. If the lip is bumped the area may bleed a small amount. It should stop on its own.

4. Stretching Information: You will perform these stretches before every time you nurse. You may skip stretches at the night feedings. Very Important, can determine the success of surgery.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Containing your babies’ hands will help as you perform the stretches. You may swaddle the baby, tuck each arm under each of your legs, or have someone hold your babies’ hands.
  • Place the baby’s head in your lap to aid in proper direction and force.
  • The stretching process should not take more than 15-20 seconds.
  • For the lip: lift the lip up to full extension with mild to moderate You want to see the entire lasered area.
  • For the tongue: lift the tongue up from the sides to the full extension with mild to moderate force. You may use your fingers or q-tips. You want to see the entire lasered area.

5. Apply the Vitamin E oil 3 times a day until all gone. Use the vitamin E oil after nursing or anytime throughout the day. It is okay if you forget to apply.

6. When nursing, get as much of the nipple/areola/breast in the baby’s mouth as p This will help the baby use suction by creating a vacuum rather than pinching.

7. There are generally no breastfeeding restrictions after a frenectomy; you are free to nurse your baby as often as he needs to nurse.  Some babies will immediately have a corrected latch after frenectomy, some may need some time to learn how to nurse effectively with their tongue’s (or lip’s) newfound range of motion.  Be patient; you both are learning a new skill and it may still take some practice to master the skill of breastfeeding.Continue working with your lactation consultant.

8. When nursing hold the baby at a 45-degree angle and watch below the chin. You can confirm the suckling and swallowing. The lower lip should be next to the breast, and the nose is free to breath. YouTube is a good source for visual examples of a proper latch.

9. Review this video for stretching examples.

10. Some of our patients have found support from the Texas Tongue Tie Babies and Children Support Group on Facebook.