The mouth matters. But many parents don’t know that the health of the child’s mouth is about more than just preventing cavities. A lot of people think that a cavity in the mouth only affects the tooth. But the reality is, the mouth is connected to the rest of the body, and there is an oral and systemic health connection. So when we work with children, we’re not just looking at the tongue and teeth and lips. We’re looking at how the child’s oral health may be affecting their overall health.

What is different about myKIDSdds, compared to a standard pediatric dentist, is that we provide complete care. Time and time again, we see that the education we provide our patients impacts their lives from childhood to adulthood.

Because of our training and expertise, we have the ability to identify some sleep-disordered breathing in young children. The American Dental Association recently recommended all dentists should be screening for airway issues. The doctors at myKIDSdds have been doing this for over 30 years! This can have a huge impact on a child’s health.  If kids aren’t breathing well, they aren’t sleeping well.  The behavioral effects caused by poor sleep are often be misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD. In many cases, we can identify that a child has an airway problem way before their pediatrician even notices that there’s an issue. We can assist in airway, tongue ties, and even the development at an early age of markers for heart disease.

Healthy Smile, Healthy Child

At myKIDSdds, we know that we’re creating lifelong bonds with our patients. And in doing so, we assess and address the specific needs of every patient.  We custom fit a plan for each child. And through education and constant engagement, we begin to see a healthy dental plan affect all aspects of the child’s health. For more than three decades, we have placed an extra special emphasis on making sure we can assess and evaluate your child’s oral systemic health. Because when you walk out our doors, we want you to leave healthier and happier and thrilled that you are part of the myKIDSdds family.  

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