Our Team Mission

The myKIDSdds team partners with other professionals in our community to help establish a positive foundation for health and wellness that will endure a lifetime.

We educate our clients and encourage them to make well-informed and responsible decisions about their oral health. We respectfully ask them to make a commitment toward this goal to ensure their success and to validate the benefit of the expenditure of resources, theirs and ours.

By carefully selecting individuals for our team with a commitment to growth personally and professionally, we support one another in achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle, with positive, meaningful interpersonal relationships, which will energize us to enrich the lives of our clients and those we partner with both in the office and in the community.

Our Location

Our Doctors

  • Meet Dr. Mark H. Kogut, DDS, MSD
    Dentistry for Children
  • Meet Alejandra Villaseñor, DDS, MS, PA
    Dentistry for Children
  • Meet Dr. Gayle Glenn, DDS, MSD
    Orthodontics for Children
  • Meet Dr. Glenn Cohen, DMD, MS
    Orthodontics for Children and Adults

Our Core Values


We value our family, friends and team members. Through these relationships we find love, support, understanding. These people encourage our personal growth and enrich our lives through good times and bad.


We value continuing education, not only for ourselves but also for the community around us. Through the process of learning, we increase the wisdom needed to make informed decisions in all aspects of life. By sharing this wisdom with others, we hope to elevate the level of personal and professional growth in everyone involved.


We value love in every facet of life. Through our love for others, we show care and concern, compassion, empathy, respect and tolerance of others. We accept the love received with gratitude and humility. We believe in the love of God and because of His love we choose to be faithful to Him, our beliefs, our family, and our friends. By sharing this love, we serve others and society.


We value a balanced lifestyle. We take time to enjoy the relationships with family and friends. This allows for fulfillment in both our personal and professional lives. Through a balanced character, we exhibit to others a serious side that includes honesty and integrity, and a fun side that expresses humor and joy.