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Frenectomy Recovery | Post-Op Instructions for Infants

Easing discomfort during your infant’s frenectomy recovery is our top priority, so we’ve put together these frenectomy aftercare instructions to help you when you go home.

Infant Frenectomy Pain Management

It is normal for swelling to occur at the lasered areas, and this generally subsides after 24-48 hours. Some babies can be fussy for several days following the procedure. This is a normal part of frenectomy recovery and will subside.

For discomfort:

    • Try freezing a thin layer of breast milk, break off a small piece, and place it on the wound.
    • We also recommend giving baby a lot of skin-to-skin contact.
    • You may also administer Infant’s TYLENOL every 4 hours if needed.
      • 6-11 lbs – 1.25 ml (1/4 tsp)
      • 12-17 lbs – 2.5 ml (1/2 tsp)

    Frenectomy Stretches and Wound Care

    Stretching Information: You will perform these stretches before or after diaper changes, five times a day, holding each stretch for five seconds.

    Because sleep is so important for both mommy and baby you may skip stretches once your little one is down for the night and can resume the next morning.

    Frenectomy Stretching Routine

    Very Important: Make sure your hands are clean before performing stretches.

    1. To make your little one more comfortable and less likely to wiggle around during stretches we recommend swaddling before you begin.
    2. With baby swaddled, lay them down with the top of their head toward the person performing the frenectomy stretches. This will help to ensure proper direction and force.
    3. Lip Stretch: Stabilize baby’s head with the palms of your hands. Using your index fingers start at the cheeks and move your fingers around toward the upper lip. Using thumbs and index fingers lightly pinch the upper lip and pull up toward the nose. Make sure as you lift up you are opening the entire diamond (lasered area). Hold for five seconds.
    4. Tongue Stretch: Again, stabilize baby’s head with the palms of your hands. Use middle fingers to push down on their chin for counter pressure. Work your index fingers under their tongue, once under the tongue make sure your index fingers are touching, and push down where the frenum was. Apply counter pressure by pushing down on their chin. Once you see the diamond (the lasered area) open up, hold for five seconds.

    During the frenectomy stretches, you may see a little bleeding. This is normal and usually stops right away.

    Tip: Allow baby to suck on your finger (nail down toward tongue) between stretches for a calming effect.


    Frenectomy Stretching Video Tutorial:
    Information about Frenectomies:

    - Frenectomy Post-OP
    Doctors Candids MyKidsDDS Dallas TX Dentist 98 - Frenectomy Post-OP

    Nursing/Feeding after a Frenectomy

    Continue working with your lactation consultant. There are generally no feeding restrictions during infant frenectomy recovery; you are free to feed your baby as often as needed.  Some babies will have a corrected latch immediately following the frenectomy and others may need more time to learn how to nurse effectively. It’s important to remember your baby’s tongue and/or lip has a newfound range of motion that they’ll be getting used to, so be patient and know this is normal. You are both learning a new skill that may take some practice to master.

    When nursing, get as much of the nipple/areola/breast in the baby’s mouth as this will help the baby use suction by creating a vacuum rather than pinching.

    Additional Resources

    Frenectomy aftercare information: click on “Care after lingual and maxillary ties”.

    Please review this blog for more information and videos

    We also recommend seeing a practitioner trained in infant or pediatric chiropractic bodywork (craniosacral therapy) to help relieve tension in the mouth and throughout the body.

    Some of our patients have found support from the Texas Tongue Tie Babies and Children Support Group on Facebook.

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